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Join us each month for an education your taste buds deserve. Your friends at the Bread Garden Market will take you on trips around the world each month, pairing our fine selection of wine with our equally exquisite selection of cheese. Stop by the bar to register, or send a note to Groups are welcome! Space is limited.

Bread Garden Market Presents!!
Wine and Cheese Classes – 2023-2024

Classes are from 6-8 p.m.

Bread Garden Market Presents!!
Wine and Cheese Classes – 2023-2024

Thursday – October 19th Trick or Treat

A Classic Brown Bagger – did you get a dud, high end, good value? Test your wine acumen and get a prize.  With a year under our belt since we’ve re-started these classes, we’re tired of giving you our knowledge – we want to see if you’ve been paying attention. We’ll have six brown bag wines – 3 red/3 white or maybe 4 red and 2 white?  We’ll see how well you can guess – don’t worry – we’ll give you some options and hints – guess the varietal, country, region and get a prize – top two with the most correct will get a little something special.  And don’t worry about the cheeses – they’ll all be treats.  Focus will be on bloomy rind and cheddar styles – production and aging methods will be the focus for these two broad categories of cheese.  And don’t worry about wrong answers – guessing is the fun part – You’re in a safe space – there are no dumb guesses only dumb…wait no – I’m not finishing that.

Thursday – November 16th
Classic Thanksgiving Bangers
Last year we did alternative Thanksgiving pairings – this year we are going chalk – we’re looking to impress with the classics so that everyone will forget about that dry turkey.  Beautiful Pinot’s from Oregon and Burgundy, soft Red Blends, Beaujolais Cru, killer Rieslings, Viognier along with some others.
We’ll also dive into some of our favorite cheeses of the seasons – Alpage Etivaz and/or Alpage Gruyere, treats from Jasper Hill, some holiday cheese spread ideas and maybe we’ll get the raclette broiler upstairs and do some scraping.

Thursday December 16th Gift Ideas for those We Love and Those Maybe Not So Much
Trying to pick out a gift for that special someone?  Well, we have some ideas on the cheese and wine side – verticals, older vintages, rare items.  What about the people you don’t love so much but are still obligated to give gifts and impress during the holidays – like maybe your boss or crazy uncle Alfred?  You want to be cheap but don’t want to look cheap…we got your back. We’re talking wine and cheeses made to impress – be they $20 or $80/ btl (or per lb. on the cheese front).  On the cheese side we’ll be focusing on some cheesy ideas for the holidays – from traditional like baked brie and homemade cheeseballs to some more non-traditional board ideas –

Thursday – January 18th Wine and Cheese Component Tasting

It’s been years since we’ve done one of these – but they’re always a huge hit – Our wine component tasting.  So, you are reading a wine review on a big Cab from Napa and someone mentions pencil shavings or saddle leather in their description? (WTH? – you can sub a different letter for H if you wish but I’m trying to keep this semi-professional) – we are going to put some reviews to the test – We’ll get some classic components for wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Zinfandel, etc. mash them up and see if you can match the components with the wines.  Speaking of matching and components – we’re going to dive into some favorite cheese accoutrements and why they go so well with our favorite cheeses – from classic to the bizarre – and then dive into the science of what gives cheese their defining characteristics – for example – why does Gruyere melt so well, but most goat cheeses not so much?  Why can you grill some cheeses, and they don’t fall apart- and what the heck is Gjetost?

Thursday – February 22nd – Paso Robles and California Cheese Tasting
Our favorite wine person – Deb – is going to give us a virtual tasting through Paso Robles – one of the most diverse and exciting wine regions, not only in California, but in the world.  Many know it is a hot bed for Cabernet – but the regions true gems, in my opinion, are their Rhone style blends – but with a lot of Cali style; from big spicy, fruit forward Syrah’s to fat, complex Viogniers, Marsanne and Roussanne’s.  We’ll have some wines you’ve never tried before – including some treats from Deb’s winery.  Since we’re staying in California for the class, we’re going to focus on California cheesemakers – the only issue will be how to choose from all the wonderful choices!!

Thursday – March 28th – Wines from Down Under

Yes, Australia,of course, but also New Zealand and South Africa – The history and evolution of Australia wine making techniques and style is truly a fascinating one – from their initial boom in the 80s and 90s with big jammy Shiraz’s to their transformation into more diverse, subtle and nuanced blends, Cab’s and of course Shiraz.  And in terms of excitement for the future – there are few countries doing things more exciting then both New Zealand and South Africa when it comes to winemaking.  Gone are the days of road tar Pinotage and ubiquitous tropical Sauv Blanc – yes, there is a lot more to New Zealand than Sauvignon Blanc.  This is going to be a banger!  Cheese Focus:  Sheep Milk Cheeses – my favorite – from bloomy, to washed, to gouda and alpine styles – we’re going to dive deep into the cheeses that come from our wooly friends!!

Thursday – April -18th – The Big Four of Italy

Barolo, Babaresco, Brunello, Amarone – nuff said.  The only reason we’ll have whites in there is as a palate cleanser.  We’ll go deep – deeeeeeeep into Italian cheese and charcuterie – exploring some old and new favorites.  We’ll also delve into why you should always get your cheese and meats cut fresh to order – Don’t feel bad asking – that’s what we’re here for!!

Thursday May 16th – End of the Year Check In –
 Favorite Wine and Cheeses of the Year Addition

One of the perks of working here- we get to try a lot of wine and cheese – for the last class of the season we’d thought we’d share some of our favorite wine and cheeses we’ve had this year with you (no repeats from earlier classes). Last year for example, on the wine side, we had a Timarossa from Vigneti Massa, a white from northwestern Italy that blew our minds – an old vine Carignan from Chile from the folks at Garage Wine Co that was superlative – a 24 Month Aged Gruyere that was the best Alpine/Alpine style cheese I’d ever had period-  Experiences like that stay with you for a long time – and we’d like to share some of these with you for our May class – We’re already tasting and taking notes for this one!!

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